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Duong Viet Trading Co., Ltd has been in the bunking business since Nov, 2016. With the major aim to supply our valuable partners with high quality products ranging from marine fuel, lubricants to professionally technical service.

We offer both Vietnamese and foreign partners such as Singapore, USA, etc with flexible payment method and supportive consultant service.





In addition to our efforts to supply fuel and lubricants for ships with the highest quality, our talented staff, who have intensive and solid knowledge as well as professional skills with great experience in marine industry will provide customers with the most efficient marine technical service.


Having great experience working with both domestic and foreign partners, Duong Viet Trading Co., Ltd is fully confident with the high quality of supplying service of marine lubricants for domestic and international ships.

Thoroughly understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we always aim at supplying the best and updated marine lubricants, which are proper with each type of ships ensuring the best mechanical efficiency.


Duong Viet - where you can put your trust in our products and services.

With the continuous development of the maritime industry, especially the growth of the volume of ships entering ports in Vietnam, Duong Viet Trading Co., Ltd always follows the trend of the market to provide our partners with bunkering products with the best quality and most professional service.