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     Duong Viet Trading and Service Co., Ltd. was established on November 24, 2016, is an enterprise specializing in the field of maritime and ship services. The founder of the business is an experienced marine operator in the oil and gas industry, so we understand what our customers need for their beloved ship. With modern equipment, professional management, dynamic, creative and professional staffs, Duong Viet Company has brought customers the best products and services at reasonable prices. reasonable.

      Duong Viet Trading and Service Co., Ltd always puts the human factor at the center of the development, bringing businesses more and more strong and durable in the relationship, attaching the rights of all members to the common cause to become into collective strength.
With the application of Information Technology to all management stages, Duong Viet Company always updates the latest market trends to provide partners with fuel products and services for ships with quality. Best quality and most professional. Therefore, Duong Viet Company has continuously developed and built up its reputation and brand in the field of supplying fuel for ships in Vietnam to customers in the country and around the world, providing equipment for the industry. Gas for partners across the country in addition to Technical Support for ships. Duong Viet Trading and Services Co., Ltd. aims to become a large economic enterprise with strong financial potential. We are proud to be a reliable partner for domestic and international customers.

      The trust and support of customers during the past time is a great source of encouragement on the way of development of Duong Viet Company. We promise to constantly improve ourselves to serve our customers in the best way, to always be worthy of customers' trust.


     is "Supply your development", we always follow customers 24/7 so that when you need us, we are always ready to serve.

      Duong Viet Company always supplies FO, DO, LO oils in accordance with domestic and international standards. We always receive the needs of customers and strive to respond to customer requests in the fastest, most accurate way to give advice, competitive quotes, ensure quality products and quality. quantity, with high safety, right place and on time to the partners.